Endless Hallways and Something Just Out of Sight

Backrooms.net ... a novel game.

Looking for the Backrooms Minecraft server? mc.backrooms.net:6464

Some people watch videos. Others read books. This game is for people that read books. The manga-reading types can play, too. ;-).

Many players of MUD-like games use TinTin++ or another similar telnet or MUD client, and connect to port 4000 to play. You can also connect to the game directly from your browser using our web browser client!

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Backrooms.net is built on top of Evennia. If you are looking to build your own MUD, read Evennia's extensive online documentation.

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Backstories (and some spoilers)

How ever you get to the backrooms, you begin here.

Backrooms Level 1
It feels like an eternal, empty 1960's office space,
with damp musky carpets.
You've found the backrooms.

The journey into the backrooms becomes more dangerous with each level.

Backrooms Level 1
Each level of the backrooms changes.

Do the backrooms ever end? Change, danger, and loneliness are constant. Moria has found its way into the modern world.

Backrooms Level 1
The backrooms never seem to end.

Every journey in the backrooms crosses the Limbo Library.

Limbo Library
The universally feared Limbo Library.


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Evennia is an open-source MUD/MU*-creation framework built in Python, using Twisted and Django.
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