Backrooms Level -16: Evasive Echoes of Eternity

Step into Backrooms Level -16, the "Evasive Echoes of Eternity", a baffling dimension where space spirals into itself, spawning ceaseless echoes of visual and auditory sensations.

Mirror Maze:

The architecture of this level resembles a vast network of reflective halls, where your every move and moment is duplicated ad infinitum. However, each reflection holds a slight deviation, creating an eerie illusion of infinite parallel realities. Sounds and events from the past resonate in distorted echoes, adding layers to the disorientating environment.

Atmosphere Conditions:

The temperature leans towards the colder side, while the air holds a faint metallic taste. Light conditions fluctuate unpredictably, seemingly influenced by the dominant echo at any given time. A symphony of reverberating sounds makes it challenging to perceive directions, while ghostly whispers seem to linger in the air.

Backrooms Level -16: Evasive Echoes of Eternity

Entry Points:

  • From Fractured Facade of Time (Level -17): Achieving temporal synchronization in Level -17 can instigate a transition to Level -16.

Exit Points:

  • Towards Twisted Tango of Shadows (Level -15): By focusing intently on a particular reflection while muting all surrounding echoes, one may find a route to Level -15, "Twisted Tango of Shadows".

Local Entities:

Eternals: These entities inhabit numerous reflections concurrently, as if they exist outside the normal constraints of space and time. Interaction with Eternals can be intriguing, as their actions mirror across the parallel reflections.


  • Mirror Surfaces: The reflective surfaces that adorn this level bend and warp reality. Touching these surfaces might unravel hidden paths or reveal obscured realities.

Survival Tips:

  • Amidst the disorienting echoes and reflections, maintaining mental clarity is of utmost importance. Losing focus could lead to panic and disarray.
  • Engaging with Eternals requires caution, as their actions across different reflections can produce unpredictable effects.
  • Sound-based navigation tools are inefficient due to the pervasive sound reverberations. Rely on visual clues for navigation instead.