Backrooms Level -20: "Unstable Utopia"

Step into the surreal with Backrooms Level -20, dubbed "Unstable Utopia". Here, an illusion of paradise unfurls within the Backrooms' otherwise unnerving confines, but beware, as it morphs and twists unpredictably, presenting a beautiful yet treacherous landscape to traverse.

Feast Your Eyes:

Level -20 is a departure from the typical, bleak labyrinth of the Backrooms. It reveals itself as a vibrant, abundant paradise, brimming with sprawling meadows of peculiar flora, tranquil water bodies, and landscapes that look like they've been borrowed from a dreamy canvas. But don't let its serene facade fool you. This apparent utopia is as stable as mercury. Without the slightest forewarning, the peaceful panoramas transform into baffling mazes, shape-shifting terrains, or occasionally, environments fraught with dangers.

The Climate of Caprice:

The air in Level -20 is invigoratingly fresh, bearing a potpourri of delightful fragrances - from flowers in full bloom to the crisp scent of pure water. The weather is a whimsical artist, alternating unpredictably between warm, sunlit days to cool, wind-kissed nights. The illumination of the landscape is equally capricious, with tranquil dawn light suddenly plunging into twilight gloom or pitch blackness.


  • Via Level -19: A jarring shift in Level -19's environment may fling you straight into the arms of Level -20.

Exit Plan:

  • Towards Level -21: During drastic environmental overhauls, portions of the landscape might unveil mirror-like gateways that lead to Level -21, the "Shattered Symmetry".


Mirage Fauna: Level -20 plays host to a variety of fauna entities that blend seamlessly with the environment. These seemingly harmless creatures enhance the level's utopian illusion but their abrupt disappearance during environmental shifts hint at their illusory nature.

Tactile Twists:

  • Exotic Flora: The foreign plants that embellish this level are a sight for sore eyes, but beware, they can morph suddenly during environmental shifts. Some may even develop harmful traits. Hence, caution is advised while interacting with them.

Survivor's Manual:

  • Adaptability is key. Be prepared for sudden environmental twists and plan your route with flexibility.
  • Although the Mirage Fauna generally pose no threat, it's wiser to keep a respectful distance. Their behaviors during environmental shifts are unpredictable.
  • Approach the Exotic Flora with caution. Although they appear innocuous in their usual state, they can turn dangerous during shifts.