Backrooms Level -2.2: Clockwork Realm

Welcome, wanderer, to Backrooms Level -2.2. You've just stepped into the surreal expanse of the "Clockwork Realm", a perpetually whirling landscape of interlinked gears and ceaseless machinations.


Picture a realm where the horizon stretches into an infinity of gears and clockworks, each piece an integral part of the ceaseless dance of machinery. The landscape morphs and shifts with the rhythm of the clockwork, and that same rhythm births the walls, the floor, even the ceiling. And the soundtrack? An endless symphony of ticking and mechanical whirs that echo through the metallic maze.

Environment Conditions:

Draw in a breath and the metallic tang hits you right away. The air carries the ceaseless mantra of ticking, while a diffused light source - its origins elusive - casts dancing shadows on the ever-changing clockwork. As for the temperature, expect a consistent coolness, akin to a clockmaker's workshop.

Backrooms Level -2.2: Clockwork Realm


  • From Level -2.1: Within the cryptic labyrinth of the Forgotten Library, certain books might offer a surprise. Instead of the expected pages, a turning gear may greet you, ushering you into the heart of Level -2.2.


  • To Level -2.1: Listen, watch, and learn. Some gears, when caressed in a specific pattern, might crack open the fabric of reality, birthing a portal back to Level -2.1.


Timekeepers: Amidst the mechanical ballet, humanoid entities, the Timekeepers, go about their duties. Crafted from the same clockwork as their realm, they maintain and repair the machinations, hardly acknowledging the presence of wanderers.

Object Interactions:

  • Gears: Gears form the skeletal structure of this level. Though they may seem inert, certain gears offer interactive possibilities, and may even serve as gateways to elusive exits.

Known Strategies/Precautions:

  • Exercise caution. With a landscape that shifts underfoot, it's all too easy to get ensnared in the moving gears.
  • Keep an eye on the Timekeepers. Their movements might offer insights into manipulating the realm's mechanical arteries.
  • Train your ears to pick up anomalies amidst the ticking. Unusual rhythms might just be the beats leading you to a potential exit.