Backrooms Level -3.2: The Crystal Garden

Transcend into the surreal spectacle of Backrooms Level -3.2, fondly termed "The Crystal Garden". This realm features limitless meadows, studded with luminous, prismatic crystal formations of varying sizes and hues.


Level -3.2 unfolds as a boundless field, awash with a dense bloom of kaleidoscopic crystals. From petite clusters to colossal obelisks, these crystals effuse a gentle, ambient luminescence. The terrain beneath these crystal marvels feels akin to a plush, mossy carpet.

Environment Conditions:

Breathe in the crisp, subtly sweet air of the Crystal Garden. Bathed in the soft glow of the crystals, the level exudes serenity, enveloping wanderers in an atmosphere of tranquility. The garden maintains a consistently comfortable temperature, while the crystals harmonize into a continuous, soothing hum.

Backrooms Level -3.2: The Crystal Garden


  • From Level -3.1: Some caverns in the Echo Caves, filled with resounding echoes, might unexpectedly rupture into the vivid landscape of the Crystal Garden.


  • To Level -3.1: At times, the hum of a specific crystal might replicate the echo of a cave, unfurling a portal back to Level -3.1.


Prisms: In the light-dappled garden roam the Prisms, entities that mimic humanoid crystal structures. They glide slowly, emitting a soft, pacifying light. Their demeanor is predominantly placid, often found stationary or meandering aimlessly.

Object Interactions:

  • Crystals: The crystals constitute the mesmerizing landscape of Level -3.2. Some produce a hum and may serve as potential keys to exits.

Known Strategies/Precautions:

  • Carve your path meticulously. The crystalline uniformity can easily lead to disorientation.
  • Listen closely to the crystals' hum. A hum that resonates with an echo may indicate an exit.
  • Preserve a peaceful presence around the Prisms. Their reactions to confrontational behaviors remain a mystery.