Backrooms Level -5 ("Embrace The Void")

Welcome to Level -5, the intriguingly notorious "Void", a realm where unending darkness reigns supreme.

Setting the Scene:

Picture this: You're floating in a vacuum of absolute nothingness, no landmarks, no guiding points. It's a conundrum, feeling all the space around you yet simultaneously experiencing the discomfort of severe claustrophobia. It's as if you're suspended in an infinite, dimensionless black hole.

Getting Under Your Skin:

It's chilling to the bone here, a silence that swallows all sound. Oh, and gravity? It's still around, but with no visible footing, it's a disorientating experience. Light is but a distant memory; you're going to need your own illumination to navigate this place.

Stepping In:

  • A Blackout in Level 0: Just a regular blackout in Level 0 might land you straight into the chilly embrace of Level -5.
  • A Tumble from Level -4: Fall off in Level -4, and instead of finding yourself in Level 0, you might just end up here in Level -5.

Stepping Out:

  • Follow the Light: Conjure a strong, concentrated beam of light, and you might just carve a portal to another level.

Shadows in the Dark:

The Shadows: Don't fret if you spot silhouette-like figures flickering in and out of existence. They aren't out to get you. In fact, they don't interact at all.

Playing with Shadows:

  • The Power of Light: Shine a powerful, focused light into the abyss, and you might just puncture an exit portal through the omnipresent darkness.

Survival Tips:

  • Never underestimate the power of a good torch. It's your lifeline, your pathfinder, and possibly your exit strategy in this level.
  • Keep your cool. The disconcerting surroundings can easily send you spiraling into a fear-induced frenzy. That's a ticket to disaster right there.
  • As for the Shadows? Don't give them a second thought. They're more than likely just figments of your imagination, birthed by the intense darkness.