Backrooms Level -7 ("The Frozen Expanse")

Level -7, ominously christened "The Tundra", unfurls as an unfathomable, ceaseless snowscape echoing the severe extremities of Earth's polar expanses.

The Frigid Overview:

Envision an undulating blanket of snow and ice, a landscape so vast that it redefines infinity. It's the epitome of starkness—featureless, save for the ever-present snowfall, a constant curtain that impairs visibility. A world shorn of man-made constructs—no buildings, no structures, just the relentless grasp of the white frost.

Atmospheric Conditions:

Level -7 is nature's cruelty incarnate. The air is a biting chill, every breeze a blizzard in miniature, painting everything in hues of frost. Silence rules here, broken only by the relentless whistling of the wind and the crunch of your steps. A perpetual snowfall shrouds the world, making the lighting conditions as bleak as the desolate landscape.


  • From the Woods of Level -6: Occasionally, the dense, shadowy forest of Level -6 can thin into the blinding whiteness of Level -7.
  • Icy Transition from Level 2: Sometimes, the frigid corners of Level 2 may inexplicably morph into the frost-ridden expanse of Level -7.


  • Portals in the Snowdrifts: In this world of white, some snowdrifts conceal portals to Level -6—only revealed to those who dare to dig.
  • Freezing Gate to Level 2: In a twist of cruel irony, extended exposure to the biting cold might sometimes serve as a chilling chariot, spiriting a wanderer back to Level 2.


White Walkers: Out in the snow-blanketed distance, vague humanoid forms—White Walkers—drift aimlessly. They pay no heed to the wanderers, lost in their own frosty solitude.

Objects to Interact With:

  • Snowdrifts: Among the countless snowdrifts in Level -7, some hide pathways to Level -6. Uncovering them requires more than just a keen eye—it requires a willingness to dig into the unknown.

Survival Strategies:

  • Stay mobile. Here, stillness equates to death, and body heat is your lifeline.
  • Probe the snowdrifts for escape routes, but conserve your energy and warmth—digging can be a double-edged sword.
  • White Walkers, although daunting, appear harmless. Nevertheless, do not invite their attention.