Backrooms Level -8.2: The Distorted Auditorium

Backrooms Level -8.2, colloquially termed "The Distorted Auditorium", is an abnormal, auditorium-themed level of the Backrooms brimming with enigmatic performances and elusive entities.


Level -8.2 mirrors a massive, elaborate theatre, replete with rows of burgundy velvet seats, adorned balconies, and a grand stage. The architectural style hints at a baroque influence, but with a surreal and distorted geometry encompassing bizarre angles and incongruous staircases. The stage itself seems to be in a state of constant flux, with sets and scenes altering inexplicably.

Environment Conditions:

The air is permeated with the potent scent of aged wood and dust, overlaid with a whiff of mildewy velvet. The temperature remains cool, and apart from the occasional rustling of unseen entities and sporadic performances on the stage, the atmosphere is hushed. The soft, ambient lighting seems to emanate from concealed or nonexistent sources.

Backrooms Level -8.2: The Distorted Auditorium


  • From Level -8: Stumbling into The Distorted Auditorium can occur when opening doors that resonate with faint sounds, evocative of murmuring spectators and applause.


  • To Level -8: The exit appears as the grand, double-door main entrance of the theatre, although the path to these doors morphs unpredictably and tends to lead back into the auditorium rather than out.


The Thespians: These entities are always visible on stage, immersed in some form of theatrical performance. They seem oblivious to the presence of wanderers and persist in their cryptic acts. They can assume any form, from traditional actors to more abstract entities, always corresponding with the ongoing performance.

Object Interactions:

  • Auditorium Seats: The seats are tangible and can be utilized for rest, but prolonged occupancy can induce a sense of disorientation and temporal confusion.

Known Strategies/Precautions:

  • Refrain from interrupting the performance. Any disruption might draw the Thespians' attention, which is ill-advised.
  • Remain vigilant of the changing environment and track the location of the exit as accurately as possible.
  • Utilize the auditorium seats for brief rests but evade extensive periods of sitting to deter disorientation.