Backrooms Level 101 ("The Metro Maze")

Meet Level 101, or as I like to call it, "The Metro Maze", a massive, underground labyrinth that's eerily similar to a subway system.

First Impressions:

Imagine this: infinite subway tunnels sprawling out in every direction, deserted stations that seem stuck in time, and gloomy platforms where you'd rather not wait for a train. Odd signs written in languages that would give cryptologists a headache and maps that can't sit still—literally, they change right before your eyes. The trains? They roll in now and again, but good luck guessing their schedule.

Ambiance Check:

Down in Level 101, you're breathing cool, musty air that tastes faintly of metal. It's not exactly well-lit—your main sources of light are flickering bulbs barely hanging on in the stations and the occasional beams from an oncoming train. You'll hear the distant wails of train whistles echoing off the walls; it's kind of a soundtrack for the level.

How to Stumble In:

  • From Level 100: Now and then, you might spot subway entrances within the concrete jungle of Level 100.
  • From Level 0: On the off chance, those long corridors in Level 0 might just morph into subway tunnels and drop you in Level 101.

Way Out:

  • Ride the Rails: Hop on a subway car, buckle up, and it'll take you to a random level—talk about a wild ride.
  • Stairway to Exit: Some stations offer staircases leading up, and they'll take you right back to the hustle of Level 100.

Local Dwellers:

Metro Morphs: They might look human-ish, but their stretched-out limbs and glowy eyes tell a different story. Usually, they're just hanging around dark platforms or riding the trains and won't bother you unless you poke the bear.

Handle with Care:

  • Moving Maps: If you can handle the mind-bending shifts, messing around with the subway maps might just let you pick where the next train is headed.

Surviving 101:

  • Give the Metro Morphs their space, and avoid picking a fight—you're the guest here.
  • Aimless wandering is a big no-no; keep your eyes peeled for subway cars or staircases instead.
  • Take advantage of the shifty subway maps, they're your best bet to control your next stop when you're looking for a way out on a train.