Backrooms Level 13: "The Archives"—A Labyrinth of Literature

Delve into Level 13, christened "The Archives", a bewildering maze of an immense library, teeming with an immeasurable collection of books and records.

A Page-Turner of a Place:

Envision Level 13, a boundless bibliotheca brimming with bookshelves that stretch into the unknown, punctuated by haphazardly placed desks and intimate reading alcoves. The assortment of texts ranges from the mundane to the mystical, from contemporary chronicles to centuries-old scriptures. However, in an unsettling twist, many books betray their purpose, presenting blank canvases or indecipherable symbols.

Silent Sanctum:

The library's hush envelops you in a cool, comforting calmness. The musty perfume of ancient books permeates the air, whispering stories of time immemorial. A mysteriously gentle glow illuminates the labyrinth just enough to navigate the shelves and decipher the texts.

Portals to the Pages:

  • From Level 12: Amongst the urban maze of Level 12, certain buildings invite you into the literary labyrinth of Level 13.
  • From Level 0: Infrequently, a door in Level 0 might turn a page into Level 13.

Book-bound Boundaries:

  • Bookish Gates: Some books unfurl into portals, turning a simple page into a leap to other levels.

Inhabitants of the Hallowed Halls:

Librarians: These spectral entities move about in their timeless dance, protecting their precious hoard. They hold no malice unless the sanctity of their books is threatened.

Peculiar Pages:

  • Books: The books are the heart of Level 13. Some hold invaluable knowledge, others function as unique gateways, yet a few may spring unwelcome surprises.

Tales of Caution:

  • Honor the sanctum of knowledge to keep the spectral Librarians at peace.
  • Books can be your guide and key, but beware—they may also spring traps or become gateways to unknown levels.
  • Maintain a breadcrumb trail of your journey, for it's easy to lose oneself amidst the echoing silence and unending shelves.