Backrooms Level 37: "The Fractured Reality"

Designated as Backrooms Level 37 or "The Fractured Reality", this level displays an intricate, kaleidoscopic labyrinth of rapidly morphing and unpredictable landscapes.


The Fractured Reality is a multi-dimensional domain distinguished by pieces of various Backrooms levels appearing and vanishing erratically. The landscape, edifices, and constructs within this level phase in and out of existence, resulting in a chaotic, disorienting environment. Iconic elements like fluorescent lights, yellow wallpaper, and infinite corridors from other levels materialize and dematerialize at random.

Environment Conditions:

The atmosphere in this level is thick and humid, underscored by a persistent, low hum. The intensity and source of light frequently vary, mirroring the mutating surroundings. Gravity is inconsistent, and time seems to warp, causing wanderers to perceive events at an accelerated or decelerated pace.


  • From Level 36: The portal situated atop the highest spire in the Stardust Spires provides a passage to Level 37.


  • To Level 38: A solitary stable feature within this level is an antiquated wooden door. Entering this door leads to Level 38, but locating the door can be challenging as its position shifts with the rest of the environment.


Shards: Known as Shards, these entity clusters reflect the fractured environment of the level, appearing as discordant amalgamations of different entities from various levels. They are typically unpredictable and can display aggressive behavior.

Object Interactions:

  • Shapeshifting Objects: Objects within Level 37 frequently alter their form along with the fluctuating environment. The utility of these objects is temporary and unpredictable, dependent on their current form.

Known Strategies/Precautions:

  • Maintaining composure and a strong sense of orientation is vital when navigating this level. Panic can lead to perilous encounters with Shards or getting lost within the morphing labyrinth.
  • Keep an eye out for the constant wooden door. Its appearance remains unaltered despite its shifting location.
  • Exercise caution with the shapeshifting objects. An item that appears benign at one moment could prove harmful in the next.