Backrooms Level 41: "The Dragon Plains"

"The Dragon Plains", also known as Backrooms Level 41, manifests as an expansive, open grassland. The sky above is perpetually lit by a stunning aurora, and spectral, dream-like dragons populate this realm.


This level takes the form of an infinite, tranquil plain covered in luminous, waist-high grass that mysteriously sways with no apparent wind. The sky overhead is eternally suffused with the soft glow of the aurora borealis, projecting a spectrum of colors across the horizon. The most notable feature of this level are the spectral dragons: massive, ghostly entities that float gracefully through the sky. Despite their imposing size and otherworldly nature, they show no interest in wanderers and are non-aggressive.

Environment Conditions:

The temperature on this level remains pleasantly mild. The air carries a subtle, sweet floral scent. The grass generates a soft, calming hum. The radiant aurora provides a constant, mesmerizing light source for the environment.


  • From Level 40: Certain hidden trapdoors within The Wandering Castle can transport wanderers to Level 41.


  • To Level 42: Randomly appearing glowing orbs within the grass may act as portals to Level 42 upon contact.


Spectral Dragons: These entities resemble large, ethereal dragons. They generally disregard wanderers and primarily glide through the aurora-lit sky. They exhibit no signs of aggression.

Object Interactions:

  • Glowing Orbs: The orbs sporadically appearing within the grass can serve as exit portals from this level. They emit a bright, pulsating light.

Known Strategies/Precautions:

  • Maintain a constant lookout for the appearance of the glowing orbs. They are the most reliable way to exit the level.
  • Despite their passive nature, it is recommended to keep a safe distance from the Spectral Dragons.
  • Despite the allure of the level's beauty, avoid getting entranced by the environment. The primary focus should always be on locating an exit.