Backrooms Level 42: "The Limbo Library"

"The Limbo Library", known as Backrooms Level 42, exists as a cozy cottage-like structure situated within an infinite cobblestone expanse under an eternally starlit sky. The cottage's modest exterior belies its vast interior, which houses an immeasurable, infinite library.


The Limbo Library's exterior deceives with its appearance as a small, charming cottage amidst an endless cobblestone landscape. A night sky, speckled with uncountable stars, creates a tranquil yet eerie atmosphere. Upon crossing the cottage's threshold, wanderers are greeted by an immense library, reminiscent of the magnificent Oxford tradition, overflowing with a multitude of books and a labyrinth of towering shelves.

Environment Conditions:

The air outside is brisk, with a hint of lavender. Inside the library, a soothing warmth pervades, carrying the scent of aged books and polished wood. The near-silent rustling of turning pages is the only discernible sound, crafting an aura of deep solitude and stillness.


  • From Level 41: The cottage that serves as the entrance to The Limbo Library may spontaneously manifest in The Dragon Plains.


  • To All Other Libraries: Concealed passages tucked behind bookshelves may transport wanderers to any other library within the Backrooms multiverse.


The Librarian: A solitary, elderly entity silently roams the library, maintaining and arranging the books. The Librarian displays neutral behavior, mostly ignoring wanderers unless they create a disturbance.

Object Interactions:

  • Books: The books within The Limbo Library cover an extensive range of subjects, including some that are arcane and baffling. They are composed in various languages, some of which remain undeciphered.

Known Strategies/Precautions:

  • Maintain the library's tranquility. Any disruption could provoke The Librarian.
  • Keep track of your route within the library to avoid getting lost in the unending aisles.
  • Utilize the secret passages prudently, as they represent the only identified exits from this level.