Backrooms Level 46: "Griffin's Tavern"

"Griffin's Tavern", or Backrooms Level 46, is a paradoxical space that presents as a welcoming medieval tavern, located in the midst of a vast, formless void.


This level mimics the vibrant ambiance of a spacious medieval tavern with a homey, old-world charm. Rows of sturdy wooden tables are dispersed across the room, and a magnificent fireplace occupies a central position, radiating warmth and light. Despite the environment's inviting nature, there are no tangible patrons, only illusions of shadows and echoing conversations suggesting a bustling crowd.

Environment Conditions:

The air is thick with the scent of burning wood, roasting meats, and spiced ale. The temperature is pleasantly warm, and there's an ongoing symphony of laughter and indistinct conversations, despite the lack of identifiable sources.


  • From Level 45: Passage through certain shadows within "The Shadow Sanctuary" might lead to the entrance of Griffin's Tavern.


  • To Level 47: An old, rickety door, frequently obscured by shadows, situated at the back of the tavern, leads to Level 47.


The Tavern Keeper: The only consistent entity in this level is The Tavern Keeper, a towering, spectral figure that tends to the bar but does not engage with visitors.

Object Interactions:

  • The Ale: Mugs of ale sporadically materialize on the tables. Although they appear enticing and emit an inviting aroma, consumption of the ale has resulted in unpredictable and occasionally harmful effects, such as intense vertigo or temporary translocation to other levels.

Known Strategies/Precautions:

  • Avoid consuming the ale and any other foodstuffs that materialize in the tavern. The resulting effects are often disorienting and potentially hazardous.
  • Maintain awareness of the shifting shadows. The doorway leading to Level 47 may become hidden or revealed unpredictably.
  • Even though The Tavern Keeper does not interact with guests, it appears to respond to disturbances in the tavern. Avoid causing damage to the tavern's property.