Backrooms Level β ("The Archive")

Also known as "The Archive", Level β unfolds as a boundless library, the shelves teeming with books chronicling the multifarious intricacies of the Backrooms. In contrast to Level 13, which manifests as a contemporary library hosting a scarce collection of Backrooms-related books, Level β boasts an ancient aesthetic, its compendium exclusively dedicated to the enigma of the Backrooms themselves.

Dissecting the Archive:

Level β reveals itself as an immense, antiquated library. Endless rows of bookshelves extend into the infinite, bearing books that span a myriad of topics, many peculiarly dedicated to the Backrooms themselves. Gothic architectural elements pervade the library, a striking divergence from the glossy modernity that is Level 13.

Archival Atmospherics:

The air within Level β is dry and motionless, the faint whiff of age-old paper lingering within. Illumination comes from the warm glow of scattered vintage desk lamps, creating an inviting ambiance. The temperature, akin to a well-maintained earthly library, remains comfortable.

Accessing the Archive:

  • From The Nexus: Specific bookshelves within Level 78, "The Nexus", may serve as gateways to Level β.
  • From The Maze: On rare occasions, a door within Level 1, "The Maze", can lead to Level β.

Departures from the Archive:

  • Tomomechanics: Some books within this vast library, when opened, serve as portals transporting the reader to various levels of the Backrooms.
  • Back to The Nexus: Numerous bookshelves can act as conduits back to Level 78, "The Nexus".

Archive's Inhabitants:

Book Keepers: These entities mimic humanoid figures, composed entirely of book pages. Generally neutral, they are primarily engaged in maintaining the library's order. However, they can demonstrate aggression if provoked.

Interactions with Archival Paraphernalia:

  • Backrooms Compendium: The books within Level β hold a wealth of information about the Backrooms. Reading these tomes can unravel insights about the entities, levels, and survival strategies within the Backrooms.

Navigating the Archive:

  • Refrain from damaging any books or the library infrastructure to avoid inciting the Book Keepers.
  • Leverage the extensive knowledge contained within the library to gain a deeper understanding of, and better navigate, the Backrooms.
  • Exercise caution when engaging with books leading to particularly perilous levels; they are not always clearly marked or easily identifiable.