Backrooms Level #: The Repository

Recognized as "The Repository", Level # unfurls as a colossal warehouse, a vast expanse teeming with a myriad of crates, boxes, and containers, their contents a perpetual enigma.

Detailing the Repository:

Level # morphs into an infinite warehouse, its towering shelves brimming with diverse packaging forms. The layout is an enigma, with aisles and towering stacks of crates assembling into an impromptu labyrinth.

Repository Atmospherics:

The level is illuminated sparingly, with sporadic spotlights casting their glow on random locations. The air carries the unvarying scent of dust and antiquated wood. The temperature aligns with that of an earthly warehouse, maintaining a consistent coolness.

Backrooms Level #: The Repository

Accessing the Repository:

  • From The Fugue: Some hidden corners within Level 3, "The Fugue", may provide an entryway to Level #.
  • From The Emporium: Specific crates within Level $, "The Emporium", are portals that transport wanderers to Level #.

Departures from the Repository:

  • Packages of Transition: Certain boxes, upon opening, serve as gateways to diverse levels of the Backrooms.
  • Back to The Fugue: Some areas steeped in darkness provide a return path to Level 3, "The Fugue".

Repository's Denizens:

Box Guardians: These entities mimic humanoid forms, composed entirely of cardboard. Their disposition is generally placid, unless provoked or if their crate domains are intruded upon.

The Repository's Paraphernalia:

  • An Assortment of Objects: The containers within Level # safeguard a multitude of items from different echelons of the Backrooms. Interactions with, and effects of these objects, span a broad spectrum.

Navigating the Repository:

  • Exercise restraint from opening crates or boxes without being mentally and physically prepared for potential repercussions.
  • Display caution around Box Guardians, abstaining from disrupting their territories.
  • Consider Level # as a resource trove for acquiring objects sourced from other levels.