Backrooms Level α ("The Genesis")

Step into Level α, or "The Genesis" as it's colloquially known, a level that disconcertingly mirrors a mundane earthly reality. This curious similarity has given rise to theories that it could be the birthplace of the Backrooms.

The Genesis Unveiled:

An uncanny reflection of a typical human city unfolds within this level—towering buildings, serene parks, and winding streets—but devoid of the bustling life. The structures appear frozen in a bygone era, a tableau of late 20th-century architecture.

Environmental Echo:

Remarkably mimicking a typical earthly city, the environment boasts a regular day-night cycle, with sun and moon illusions taking turns in the sky. Weather patterns, including rain and wind, add to the unsettling realism. Gravity, temperature, and light conditions steadfastly mirror those found in human cities.


Portals to the Past:

  • Through Level 0: Intriguingly, certain doorways within Level 0 might sporadically lead to Level α.
  • From the Infinite: As with all levels, the unpredictable portals within Level ∞ could sometimes transport one to Level α.

Doors to the Unknown:

  • Random Exits: Within Level α, any door could serve as a potential portal back to Level 0 or indeed, to any other level.

The Unsettling Absence:

Null and Void: To date, no known entities have been sighted within Level α, creating an eerily deserted and isolated atmosphere.

Interactions amidst the Echo:

  • Mundane Manifestations: Familiar objects commonly found in human cities, like furniture and appliances, populate this level. However, they bear no anomalous properties or effects, increasing the eerie semblance to reality.

Guidance in the Genesis:

  • Maintain a high level of vigilance despite the disarming normality of Level α; the absence of entities is anomalous and disconcerting.
  • Prepare for sudden shifts when opening doors, as they might unexpectedly lead to other, potentially perilous levels.
  • Utilize the benign conditions and absence of entities in Level α as an opportunity for rest and recovery.