Backrooms Level Z: "The Paradox"

Level Z, alternatively known as "The Paradox", is the purported terminal level of the Backrooms saga. Diverging from other alleged "end" levels, this one teems with the strikingly perplexing phenomenon of non-Euclidean geometry and surreal landscapes.

Decoding the Paradox:

Standing apart from the conventional "end" levels, The Paradox unfolds as an eerie realm, where the ordinary principles of physics and space unapologetically falter. The panorama plays out as an inconceivable meld of spiraling corridors, anti-gravity platforms, and ever-mutating environments that whimsically reform and transmogrify. Pockets might evoke elements from prior levels but twisted into their bizarre, dreamlike doppelgangers. No two experiences mirror each other in The Paradox, enhancing its enigmatic status as the veritable final level.

Environment Conditions:

The environment in Level Z is remarkably unpredictable, prone to abrupt and radical changes in temperature, illumination, and gravity. Even sound behaves erratically, with echoes often preceding the originating sound and the ambient air reverberating with a soft, electric hum. A faint, multicolored glow, seemingly sourceless, permeates the level.


  • From Level X: A stroke of rare fortune might guide a pathway in The Crossroads to unfold into The Paradox.
  • From Level Y: Unanticipated shifts in The Standstill might sporadically transport a wanderer into the enigma of Level Z.


  • Arbitrary Shifts: Similar to its entry, the departure from Level Z happens haphazardly via erratic shifts to the remaining levels.


The Mirrors: Entities that manifest as shadowy, distorted versions of previously encountered beings. They seem to mimic the actions of their original counterparts, but are typically devoid of hostility.

Object Interactions:

  • Personal Effects: Personal items might transmute, exhibit peculiar properties, or even animate and act autonomously within the perplexing domain of Level Z.

Known Strategies/Precautions:

  • Maintain an unwavering mental fortitude. The unreality of The Paradox might incite severe psychological distress.
  • Do not accord unqualified trust to your senses as they are easily beguiled by the erratic environments and baffling geometry.
  • Despite the general non-hostility of The Mirrors, it's prudent to maintain a safe distance due to their unpredictable behaviors.